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Vita Beans Apps (n)
Vita Beans apps are intuitive, easy-to-use applications that help you learn and share knowledge using innovative ways that are more fun, more effective and more intelligent!

Vita Beans Technology

"We add the predictive potential & precision of science to the art of understanding & interacting with people"

Vita Beans is built on a framework that combines key findings from many areas of science as diverse as evolutionary biology, mathematics, neuroscience & fuzzy logic. This unique framework allows us to profile an individual's neuro behavioral patterns and use it for simulating his/her behavior in various situations instead of boxing people into standard personality types.

The Top 3 innovations that makes us one of the most accurate behavior simulation engines with a field accuracy of 86%:

  • Activity based interactions that are modeled to understand the functioning of different regions of the human brain involved in choice & decision making.
  • Causal personalities that are defined through the modeling of neural circuitries in the human brain that cause various behaviors. This keeps every profile verifiably unique unlike traits & groups of traditional psychology.
  • Deductive data representation techniques using fuzzy maps. This eliminate the need for indictive learning. i.e. we no longer need huge databases for simulations.

We also carry with us an internationally acclaimed technology team experienced in designing several award winning applications & games which makes it possible for us to add a rich user interface to all our applications to make it interesting and inspiring for you to use them!